spring sprang sprung

I haven’t written in a while! I did write this for Murder Ballad Monday and Singout.org. For some reason, I found it way harder to write than I anticipated and I wrote around twice as many words as needed in various drafts that were scrapped. First writing was really enjoyable, then it was really stressful, then it … More spring sprang sprung

nursing Edmond.

This photo of Edmond and me is the last taken of us nursing, though he didn’t fully wean for another week or so after it was taken. And I am a little heartbroken, truth be told. I was ready. He was (mostly) ready. And the actual process was relatively easy, from a parenting standpoint. But … More nursing Edmond.

An Assortment

  I am now 27! Every year I’m kind of appalled at the new number. I don’t think I’ve ever felt much older than 17. But I look around and I have a son, and a husband, and a house, and a station wagon, and I’ve found a few grey hairs in the last couple of … More An Assortment

Fresh Start.

We are experiencing a once in a decade snow here in Nashville, with somewhere around 8 inches of accumulation! As a result, Jonathan has been out of school since Wednesday, and we’ve had tons of time to a) finish the tiny house b) play with Edmond c) work on our own house. It feels like … More Fresh Start.


2015 was the hardest year of my life, which, among other things, means I have had a really blessed life. I quit my job in May, became a full-time mom, and then in June we started the tiny house. There has been a lot of collateral damage in pursuit of that dream. Our house is … More 2015