Tiny House Realities

Our tiny house still isn’t done. It’s getting closer every day, but it’s not finished. I wanted to take a second to write about some of the realities of this experience. Everything about it has been harder than we thought. For instance, when we bought the kit for our cabin, it said it could be… More Tiny House Realities

Tiny House Laws…

…are just messed up, plain and simple. Today, I spent several grueling hours at the Codes offices downtown to get approved to finish out this space. What’s nice is – after hearing five or six ‘no’s – it only takes one yes for everything to go your way. So while we regret not dealing with… More Tiny House Laws…

On Competition

I am, by nature and nurture, a very competitive person. I love tests and grades. I love being assessed and knowing where I stack up in the scheme of things. As an adult (without a boss), it feels strange that I’m not being reviewed in any way. Part of me wants to ask Jonathan, “So,… More On Competition

Tiny House Progress

When we began this project 10 weeks ago, progress felt quick and relatively easy. Our hope was to raise the house in a day and thanks to so many wonderful friends that is essentially what happened, and over the next couple of weeks it felt like so much was happening so quickly. Once we realized… More Tiny House Progress