Tiny House Laws…

…are just messed up, plain and simple. Today, I spent several grueling hours at the Codes offices downtown to get approved to finish out this space. What’s nice is – after hearing five or six ‘no’s – it only takes one yes for everything to go your way. So while we regret not dealing with… More Tiny House Laws…

On Competition

I am, by nature and nurture, a very competitive person. I love tests and grades. I love being assessed and knowing where I stack up in the scheme of things. As an adult (without a boss), it feels strange that I’m not being reviewed in any way. Part of me wants to ask Jonathan, “So,… More On Competition

Tiny House Progress

When we began this project 10 weeks ago, progress felt quick and relatively easy. Our hope was to raise the house in a day and thanks to so many wonderful friends that is essentially what happened, and over the next couple of weeks it felt like so much was happening so quickly. Once we realized… More Tiny House Progress

Dear Balladeer

Have you listened to our music project yet? It’s only 8 songs long (and we haven’t released a new track in a while), but we’re excited to get back to it soon. In the mean time, there are 8 whole tracks to listen to, and download for free.

Growing Arcadia

Cue blog title change! Same blog, new title because: a) Jonathan & Rebecca feels insufficient now that we have a baby, and Jonathan & Rebecca & Edmond would be a dumb title. b) Jonathan & Rebecca has always felt a little off to me since I don’t think Jonathan has ever written a post. c) I want to… More Growing Arcadia

Tiny House Raising

Well, after a week and a half of working on the foundation, Saturday we hosted a tiny house raising where lots of family and friends helped us get a jump start on building a tiny house, and today we made some more important progress with the help of family. Thanks so much to everyone who… More Tiny House Raising

Moody Gifs.

We are at the beginning of what promises to be a very busy and very wonderful summer. One of our goals for the summer was to get our photo situation fixed (we hadn’t really been able to take photos in a while because our camera, phone, and computer were all completely full). Google Photo has… More Moody Gifs.

Begin Again.

Be like the fox who makes more tracks than necessary, some in the wrong direction. Practice resurrection. – Wendell Berry Wednesday was my last day of teaching, and it was a good one. My students shouted French recitations with a-typical end-of-the-year energy, I had the students complete the phrase “Je peux dire ____ en francais” and their… More Begin Again.