settling in…

We are settling in!

This week has been pretty hectic at work – half of the students were told class would start this week – half of the students were told classes would start next week. So I essentially had to go to most of my classes and greet the 2-10 students who showed up (out of 18) and tell them that class would officially begin next week. From what I can tell though, I don’t think I will be very nervous, which is a relief, and most of my students seem very bright, which means they should be very fun to work with.

Jonathan has been recording a lot, which is exciting. He’s almost through with a track! I have been writing a lot, and am on page 37 of my novel. It is exciting. We’ve been spending quite a lot of time engaged in these creative endeavors, sipping tea, living quietly. It is wonderful.

Today, which marks two weeks since our arrival in Nantes, we went on a long walk and explored a bit:

We found these charmingly bizarre creatures…

Took a trip to l’Erdre and l’Ile de Versailles
Took a trip to the Chateau…

And found the newest addition to our apartment. We think his name is Jean-Pierre.
As well as purchased a tres petit cadeau for my dear Aunt Baba!

Tonight will consist of some tea drinking, yogurt eating, and some novel-writing/music-making. Maybe some trip planning too. We’re thinking about Paris, for Jonathan’s 23rd birthday which is right around the corner.

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