Love and Life

Notre (premier) sapin de Noël!

Soooo, it might not be the prettiest, or the largest, or the most magical but, it is ours…

We got the best one we could find, but all of them were a little nude at the top!
An ornament Jonathan picked out on our honeymoon. The one I chose was too fragile for the transatlantic voyage, so I left it aux Etats-Unis.
One of our new ornament additions! Wouldn't be a proper Christmas tree without St. Nick!
It was difficult to find multi-colored lights here, so we went with some white LED lights...

Bonne nuit!

P.S. Those presents around the bottom constitute the only presents we’ve gotten so far – one for our niece Logan and one for our niece to be Willow – babies are the most fun to shop for!

P.P.S. Here is this year’s advent calendar, courtesy of an ikea run and some kinder chocolate (loooove it!)

We love him because he has the face of a child but the calves of a cyclist in the tour de France.



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