Love and Life

Our first Christmas…

…was perfect.

I had honestly been dreading it since accepting my position last April. I was worried I would be too homesick – that I would miss my dad, my dog, and the briskness of Nashville winters too much.

And while it was weird skipping out on normal family traditions – no annual stealing of the family Christmas tree from some wooded lot, for instance, and no annual Mooradian family Christmas party – and while I did miss my father A LOT, Christmas morning came and felt just as bright and magical and full of hope and love as ever.

There were LOADS of presents. Far more than I was expecting given our 3,000 miles from home. We spent the day goofing off, playing with our Christmas presents, skyping with family back home, cooking good food and then eating it, and sitting next to the fire.

And of course the biggest blessing, besides having my mom and Joseph in Nantes to celebrate with us, was that Christmas Day marked six months since our wedding.

Six months since we said “I do,” and promised to spend the rest of our lives together.

This year, it was easier than ever to imagine all those years, all those Christmases stretching out before us. I see years and years of being woken up early by all of our babies, of sipping coffee together while they blissfully open presents, and years after when we’re old and grey and surrounded by the life we’ve created.

But for now, the present and the two of us is more than enough.

Here are some photos/a video, all indicative of our laid back, goofy Christmas morn.

Tea all the way from America.
Some Sewanee themed gifts for a Sewanee themed family!
Maching, y’all.
A locally made, leather guitar strap for Jonathan from his brother Eli.
The perfect present from my sister-in-law Gypsy – marriage themed hand towels from Anthro
One of my favorite gifts ever. It came with the world’s smallest and cutest colored pencils.
My pretty Mama, playing guitar.
Skyping with my Daddy!

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