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Château de Chambord: Patterns

Sooo we visited le Château de Chambord yesterday, and I must say, the opulence of the  place and the whole idea quite disgusted me. Where as le Château de Chenonceau felt grand and beautiful but still lived in and loved, Chambord presented itself as a massive and gloomy space that no one ever lived in for long (its longest resident only stayed two years). It is enormous, and accordingly impossible to heat. I feel like it explains perfectly why the Revolution took place. Yeek. Many of the rooms were never even furnished. Francois I, who commissioned the building of the Château, only spent a total of 18 days there. I think that’s grotesque. 

Anyway, I’m a little obsessive about documenting things sometimes (obviously) – so I took almost as many pictures at Chambord even though I kinda hated it. (I was still really glad to see it and found it incredibly interesting.)

Hopefully the pictures below and above illustrate the differences between the two Châteaux, and maybe you’ll understand my love/preference for Chenonceau. Perhaps.

Most of the walls were variations of the bottom right pattern – very boring after a while. I still quite enjoy the use of textiles throughout both Châteaux, and know I will incorporate similar ideas when I have a permanent home to decorate.

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