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We’re in Barcelona!

Well, yesterday we arrived in Barcelona!

It was a long day of traveling – we woke up very early in Nantes, took a train to Paris, spent the morning wandering there a while, then took a plane to Barcelona, where we arrived at 3 in the afternoon.

After a long bus ride into town and a mile or two walk, we arrived at our (supposedly) two star hotel.  Our room was a horrible dump – it smelled, had a stained floor and a stained ceiling, and was freezing cold. This made us both feel uneasy and sad.

However, after a walk around the bay, a dinner out on Ramblas street, and a night of sleep, we woke to find our hotel owner willing to switch our room (our new one is so much better), and a city bursting with life and Catalan vibrancy.

Today, we visited Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Parc de la Ciutadella and Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf. Then we wandered home through the Gothic Quarter. We are now exhausted.

Outside the Sagrada Familia.
At the Parc de Ciutadella!
At the Parc de Ciutadella!
On the balcony of our new room at the hotel!

I will try to post more of our thoughts/experiences later, especially about Gaudi – we were both so impressed and in awe of the Sagrada Familia – but for now we are about to eat some microwavable tortilla.

A very good first full day in Barcelona indeed.


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