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Barcelona: A mountain and a castle.

See the mountain in the pictures above? It’s name is Montjuic, and on our fifth day in Barcelona, we climbed it, slowly and ponderously, and visited it’s Olympic Park (rather modern – we weren’t huge fans) and then visited the  Castell de Montjuïc that is at it’s peak.

Half way up, at the Jardin de Laribal
For full disclosure, in the collage above, the photos on the top row don’t come from the mountain: the first is from inside Iglesia de Betlem, off of La Rambla; the following two are from the Parc de Joan Miro, at the mountain’s base.

On days like this, Jonathan and I are both so glad that we’re both walkers. It is such a wonderful way to experience a city, to take it in slowly, and not pass it all by underground in a metro, hopping from attraction to attraction.

When we got home, we had dinner (tortilla) out on our balcony. Then we explored the Gothic quarter a bit more before heading off to bed.


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