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Barcelona: Our Final Day…

I cannot tell you how sad Jonathan and I were to leave Barcelona! It was such a welcome change to the coolness of French weather and manners – a city glowing with its own warmth and personality.

We had many unused trips on our metro passess, and so we spent the day choosing places on the map and then giving them a visit. Much of this involved leisurely walking along the Mediterranean.  We closed out the day with a return trip to Parc Guell, where we said goodbye to the city from Gaudi’s terrace at dusk. Then, we returned to La Rambla for tapas.

In another life, I feel like I would really enjoy living in this city. Until then, we hope to return someday, perhaps if we have some architecture loving kiddo.

Farewell, Barcelona!


3 thoughts on “Barcelona: Our Final Day…

  1. We just looked at your Barcelona pictures and loved them, you are two beautiful people, and very talented and very muched loved. Memaw & Pepaw.


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