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I love my mama.

So I know mother’s day was actually a whole week and a half ago, but it’s not every day your mother saves a waterfall and it becomes a state park.


She’s just the greatest. ever. And I’m so glad she raised me and my brother to love the state of Tennessee:

“Tennessee is so green and lush; it is our Eden…Tennessee’s garden is bountiful. We’re river-rich. We have seven of the top eight most biologically diverse rivers in North America. … Tennessee has more species of trees than throughout all of Europe. Crossed with scenic backroads, blessed with wildlife and dotted with more cave openings than any state in North America. … Waterfalls and wildflowers, dragonflies and fireflies to give magic to the night. You don’t have those everywhere. We’re blessed. But we know that competing demands threaten our homeland, so we’re thankful, Gov. Haslam, that you know what we know: That what is good for the environment is also good for Tennessee’s economy.” — Kathleen Williams-Mooradian

Cummins Falls: Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall and by far the prettiest place I’ve ever been to swim. It was going to be subdivided and developed.
My mama at her waterfall.
My mama at her waterfall.
Those two small people in the distance are my mama and Rosie.
C’est moi.

Read More:

The Tennessean – Cummins Falls to be 54th State Park

The Chattanoogan – Governor Bill Haslam Dedicates Tennessee’s 54th State Park At Cummins Falls

Herald Citizen – Cummins Falls a state park


3 thoughts on “I love my mama.

  1. It’s a honor and a pleasure to do this for a living. So many talented people volunteer time and money and I get a pay check. I’m blessed. It’s a labor of love. Yahoo! It’s a State Park! Thanks honey for the post. I love you — wish you could have been with me yesterday. xxoo Mama Kathleen


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