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Les Rendez Vous de Bonneville

Last night, we played a very professional house show at the home of Yves and Isabelle du Cosquer.

It was such an experience. Yves takes these evenings very seriously, had set up a stage in his living room, worked tirelessly on our sound for hours, and set up a semi-professional video/sound recording system so that the whole evening was filmed.

We made some mistakes, but we also played very well. The audience was very receptive, and we sold all but one of the CDs that we brought along with us. I’ve also been battling allergies? or maybe a cold? for a while now, and my voice managed not to go out, so that was a plus.

We also made som moulah. Yay.

It was very interesting listening to all of the French commentaries after we were done. They thought we were very talented but also suggested that we play things that were more upbeat. I suppose if you can’t understand what a band is saying, even a whimsical song about a star written in a minor key can sound depressing.

Regardless, it was such a great opportunity to use our French, to meet new people, and to really  build up a performable repertoire.

It was also great because Yves announced that we were playing the night before our one-year anniversary, so everyone was congratulating us and applauded a lot when Yves announced it.

Jonathan also spoke with one of the women in attendance,  Françoise de Portzamparc, who, upon learning that Jonathan was going to get his master’s in Latin American Studies, invited us to a show at La Maison de l’Amérique latine, hosted by the Peruvian embassy in Paris, which just happens to co-incide with our trip so we’re going!

The generosity of the French never ceases to amaze the both of us. They may be stand-offish with strangers, but if they know you at all, they are so welcoming and try to connect you with as many helpful friends as possible and bend over backwards to make your life better.

Case and point: Arnaud Dufourcq. You might remember him as Emma Kingsley’s host father, who, along with his wife Brigitte, let us and my mother and brother stay in their house for Christmas. Arnaud is the one who spoke to Yves in the first place to get us this show. He was there last night, and he is just the sweetest man. Last night, he took all of our CDs and went around asking everyone if they would buy one. It was so effective and so sweet of him to do!

I would like to be able to keep him and Brigitte forever.

I think that is one of the things that Jonathan and I will try our best to take away from this experience. We want to emulate the generosity and kindness of the French. We want to be just as welcoming, especially always to young people and foreigners (for we now know too well the plight of a foreigner!).
And now — it is our one year anniversary!!
We are an hour and a half away from embarking on a train to Paris, where we will be for four nights, and then it’s on to Normandy for two.
I cannot imagine anyone’s ever had a more blessed first year of marriage, and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than Paris.

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