Love and Life

How’s the bucket list going?

✓ 1. Go kayaking or boating on L’Erdre.

✓ 4. Re-visit Notre Dame de Bon Port (Jonathan’s never been!)

✓ 6. Go eat at Le Select, a well-known bar/restaurant in the Bouffay.

✓ 9. Re-visit Café Cult’.

✓ 10. Go eat at Le Couche Tard, a well-known kebab restaurant/friterie.

✓ 11.  Re-visit Aux Moules du Bouffay, because it is obviously our most favorite restaurant of all time.

✓ 12. Re-visit Le Parc de Procé (Jonathan’s never been!).

✓ 14. Visit Le Tour de Bretagne.

✓ 16. Make a new French friend.

✓ 17. Play at least four concerts.

✓ 20. Go to Paris.

✓ 21. Visit Giverny.

✓ 22. Visit Versailles.

Today, we are headed to the Jules Verne museum.

With just a week left and a little over half way through with the list, we might not manage to complete it. I think that’s what I love about the list — it gives us great things to shoot for, but I think we knew even if we made it that we have truly gotten to experience everything we expected to during this year and much, much more.

Wish us “bonne continuation!” We’ll see you soon, America!

(As an aside, this feels like the umpteenth 4th of July we’ve missed out on as a couple. Last year, we were on our honeymoon on Edisto, where they don’t allow fireworks because of fragile sea turtle populations — Jonathan and I have both missed several while in Mexico as well. We’re looking forward to next year and getting to attend either the Richland Avenue parade in Nashville or Sewanee instead! Eat a (vegetarian) hotdog for us!)


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