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Independence Days as Expatriots

This week we have celebrated not one but TWO independence days from England, while at a party populated greatly (if not primarily) by British people. How funny is that?

First came Canada day, which we celebrated with my Canadian co-worker Mélanie Lawlor at a lovely picnic at the château.

Then last night we went to Louise’s apartment for a 4th of July themed surprise birthday party for my Scottish co-worker Mhairi (she was so surprised). We made lots of Chili, everyone contributed lots of tasty food : risotto and salads and tartiflette and pies and cupcakes and PIMM’S to drink (which is our new favorite summer beverage). We ate way too much, saluted Clare’s American flag dress while we said the pledge of allegiance (particularly ironic because she’s British), and on the way home, Jonathan played guitar at the bus stop and on the bus, much to the delight of everyone around him except the bus driver, who threatened to kick us all off.

It was a beautiful 4th.

Mhairi blowing out the candles!

The view from Louise’s apartment!
E’ry body.
Waitin’ for the bus, listening to “Single Ladies”

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