Love and Life

The LU, a marching band, and a dinner date…

Though we are spending lots of time packing, we are also trying to pack in as much as possible before leaving. Yesterday, this resulted in a visit to the Lieu-Unique which, in honor of the Voyage à Nantes, is set up like a playground. It was full of putt-putt golfing, 3D basketball, limbo, and many other fun games.

Note the golf club.
A standoff with a two year old.
My strong man.
My strong woman.
3D Basketball

Then, while doing some belated shopping (for Jonathan’s mom’s birthday and our dad’s father’s day presents), we ran into a marching band that was being led, impromptu, by a homeless man. He was great, and so energetic – he danced ahead of them as they played, and he even had an open bottle of champagne in his pants pocket that was sloshing alcohol onto the sidewalk. (We took lots of video).

Last night, Jonathan and I went out for dinner at La Saline – a restaurant recommended to Jonathan by the chef Pascal as being his favorite Nantais restaurant. It was great! We both feel like it might be the best meal we’ve had in France – certainly Nantes. It was just a 2 hour long, delightful feast.

Top (hers) : salmon and shrimp nems with ginger sauce, peanut sesame side-salad. Bottom (his): chicken nems with soy sauce, peanut sesame side-salad. Both were amazing.
Top (his) : seasoned duck with the most amazing, flavorful pear, green beans, and sweet potato. Bottom (hers) : sting ray with ginger and coconut milk sauce, basmati rice.
My meal came with a cheese plate! I was pretty excited.
Jonathan was pretty dubious about the cheese.

However. We both tried blue cheese for the first time ever, and, after both having thought we hated it for all of our lives, we liked it okay, and finished it off.

Dessert: Chocolat fondant with raspberries, caramel ice cream and fresh raspberries.

Everything was such a serious delight to eat. And, the meal wasn’t even that expensive. We highly recommend it if you’re ever in Nantes.

To complete our date night, we came home and watched a movie which I fell asleep 20 minutes into. It’s really hard to fathom that we only have two nights left in our little apartment.


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