Love and Life

n°1, 94 boulevard Ernest Dalby and other farewells…

Yesterday we hosted all of my co-workers, along with Betty Forestier and Hanna, to a crepe feast. Jonathan made 3 batches of crepes, enough for a small army.

Tonight, we went to Buck Mulligan’s and met some of my co-workers for a final farewell. They’re all such wonderful individuals and I’ve enjoyed getting to meet them so much – I wish that I knew them better and I hope that we continue to stay in touch and I continue to get to know more about them as the years pass. A year goes by too quickly.

I managed not to cry until we’d said goodbye and I was on the tram (lucky Jonathan and Hanna that I always can hold out till they’re stuck with me alone).

Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to the first place we’ve ever called home as a married couple. Accordingly, I’m spastically taking pictures of every aspect of it. It has felt like a dream living here, and we’ve loved it, and hate to say goodbye.

Our tram stop.

But putting everything into perspective, tonight as we were eating dinner (another chink off of our bucket list – a Chateau Olivier 2009 paired with a comte a.o.p. Juramont), the windows open, a lovely breeze coming in, the light still bright at 9:30, a drunk homeless man stuck his head in the window.

So living elsewhere will have its advantages, I’m sure.


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