Love and Life

And 26 hours of travel later…

We’re home! We were met at the airport by our parents, our brothers (Chris, Eli, Joe), their women (Gypsy and Tracey), our new niece Willow who is a little doll baby, Daniel and Jordan and Savannah and Carina. Then we all came back to my parents house where we got to hold the baby, and talk to our friends, and share stories with family. It felt almost like Christmas.

It was a day of countless adventures. We got separated on a shuttle to the airport in Paris and Jonathan actually chased down the bus and banged on the windows while I yelled at the driver. It was a nightmare. However, our flights were lovely – very little turbulence, relatively good food, and we were surrounded by adorable French babies (I got bisous from an adorable little brother and sister!).

Our flight into Nashville though was so beautiful. We came in just at sunset, and after being away from Nashville for 10 months, I had almost tricked myself, mostly on drives down to La Roche, into believing that the French countryside was as pretty as Tennessee. But Nashville is such a fairyland, surrounded by rivers that were all silvery purple, and so much greenery, and the lights of downtown twinkeling. It felt like the city has prepared a welcome for us.

Jonathan with our wine and cheese selections, our last night in the apartment.
Bleary-eyed in Paris, a few minutes before heading to the shuttle.
Jonathan, about an hour away from landing in JFK.

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