Love and Life


We’ve been home four and a half days, and so far we feel great. Do we miss France? Of course. But we’re still so happy to be home. There is a different sort of magic that permeates the Earth here, and we’ve enjoyed getting to spend time amid wild trees and walking the land. There’s also no comparison between the joys of reading one’s own books beside a hearth compared to reading borrowed books on a mattress on the floor. We’ve been enjoying spending lots of time with family and friends, and we’ve especially enjoyed getting to meet our niece Willow!

Today, we went down to the county clerk’s office and after over a year of marriage I officially changed my name. Even though I’d been calling myself Rebecca Moody all along, seeing it written on my driver’s license still feels different and more real.

Also, we feel we’ve found the world’s most perfect cat. She is so frisky and wild when excited, and so affectionate and loving when calm. She’s also a tortoiseshell, sometimes called a money cat, said to bring good luck. Neither Jonathan and I are really cat people (we both prefer dogs) but she’s working very hard to convert us.

We had a picnic at Edwin Warner Park. A beautiful sunset served as a welcome home.
My Papa watching some deer.
Don surprised us at the picnic! Drove all the way from Kentucky!
Ahna, Don, Jonathan and Rosie!
Me (and Minette).
Rosie and baby Willow.
Minette Lulie.

What’s on the agenda this week? I’m meeting my boss for the first time (in person) at HH School — they might have an additional job for me to take on, keep your finger’s crossed! Jonathan is registering for classes at Vanderbilt. We’re headed to East Tennessee, with Minette in tow, to visit my grandmother and the mountains. We have a meeting with a mortgage counselor. We’re going to begin house hunting in earnest.

SO. Life remains very full.


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