Love and Life

Landing a home?

Big happenings in the Moody family.

did  get the second job at HH that I interviewed for, so now not only am I a part-time French teacher, but I am the school’s Extended Care Director. I am so excited that I get more hours and that I don’t have to find a job elsewhere. I think the hours will be great because I work before and after school (and my French classes are in the afternoons), which will hopefully enable me to spend the day working on finishing my novel(!!!!) and working on our house.

AND we put on offer an a house. Nothing official yet and obviously so much could go wrong between now and closing on it, but we’re still pretty excited. It is adorable, affordable, 15 minutes away from HH, 8 minutes away from Vanderbilt, 4 minutes away from Jonathan’s parents’ house,  and 5 minutes away from my parents’ house. So PLEASE keep your finger’s crossed that everything goes according to plan. It feels like it’s meant to be.

Because basically, we want a really cute home so that there can be lots more of this going on:

Minette is pretty excited.


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