Love and Life

Moody Resolutions: 2013

  1. Be grateful always. We are so very blessed.
  2. Be hospitable and welcoming to others with our words, personalities, and actions.
  3. Live both in the moment and with mindfulness of eternity.
  4. Less television. We are so very glad we don’t own one, but we are still guilty of occasional Hulu indulgences.
  5. Read more. (I am beginning to realize that these resolutions are not so different from last year’s).
  6. Play/write/record more music. Our album has been on hold because our Macbook is broken, but we’re so ready to have it done.
  7. Finish editing my novel (it is 55,000 words long and I’m overall pleased!) and get it PUBLISHED.
  8. Visit Sewanee more frequently. It is heaven on Earth.
  9. We want to become a family that goes to church every Sunday again. We’ve both missed it. We’re considering becoming members of Second Presbyterian.
  10. Eat more local/organic food.

Other plans the future holds in store:

– We are so excited about getting chickens! We just need to get a coop built and then head out to choose them!

– We are going to take a trip up to Baltimore/New York to visit Hanna, Savannah and Chris.

– We are going to take a trip to Auburn to visit Caitlin.

– Continue to work on our home and make it the best “little cabin in the woods in the middle of a big city” it can be.




Mostly, we have to lead a life worthy of these two young romantics.

They dreamed big.


5 thoughts on “Moody Resolutions: 2013

  1. If you have a moment for coffee or brunch when you’re in New York, I can take you to the best pain au chocolat this side of the Atlantic! 🙂


  2. Awwww, Becca, so sweet! Love, love the resolutions and especially the last line about your duty to those two crazy kids’ ideals! Love to you and Jonathan and look forward to seeing you at the Upchurch shower!


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