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Fête de La Chandeleur, deux mille treize


Just as we’d always talked about, Jonathan and I have tried to incorporate as much of our vie francaise into our vie americaine as we possibly can! Today that manifested itself in a celebration of Fête de La Chandeleur (you can see our mini-celebration from last year here). We invited our immediate families over for a crêpe breakfast, complete with les madeleines, coffee, homemade caramel and whipped creme, and mimosas. We also remembered to try flipping the crêpe while holding a coin in our dominate hand (a test to see whether or not the coming year will be prosperous!) The fact that it snowed this morning made it all the more magical, and the sweet and rambling conversations of family for several hours after the meal made it feel all the more like a real holiday. Vive la crêpe!Image





Image Image






Thanks to Chris Moody for taking many of these photos!


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