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this is what halfway looks like.

i cannot believe we’re here already.

this week: i’ve been able to feel the baby move and kick so much more, which i love.

the nursery is coming along.

our name choices are coming along – it’s tricky having to pick one for each gender!

mostly, i feel so happy thinking back over the past 20 weeks that we’ve still been able to do so much:

to spend lots of time with friends, to travel, to go to the river or the lake weekly, to get work done on our house.

i’m glad pregnancy hasn’t slowed us down too greatly and we talk, as we go along, about how the baby will arrange his or herself into this life.

i plan on taking the baby on so many adventures.

4 thoughts on “halfway.

  1. Be careful! I don’t know if it was just because we didn’t find out the gender, or if I was influenced by the fact that close friends were having boy/girl twins, but it hit me towards the end of my pregnancy that we were going to go home with just ONE baby, ONE name, not Asher AND (insert girl name here). It was a little weird, you’ll have to tell me if you experience anything similar, since until the birth either one is still a possibility.


    1. HA! Liz. I can totally see that happening!! I think I’m experiencing some pretty strong “motherly intuition” about which gender this baby is – for some reason. So hopefully that will help. Just curious – did you have inklings that Asher was going to be a boy?


  2. What is your due date? My boys were born Dec 4 and Dec 7 (3 years, 3 days apart!) — you seem to be on track for similar delivery day!!

    Ashley Heeren 615.406.9167


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