Love and Life

Baby Things: Part 1

Slowly, we’ve been getting the nursery ready for its new arrival, and I am so excited by all the lovely gifts the baby has already received. This is going to be one spoiled little one!


1. Homemade chicken doll, courtesy of Joshua and Rachel Bennett


 2. Not one but two adorable French doudou’s : a little monster from Moulin-Roty (from Hanna Moran) and un lapin from Les Petits Marie (from Christele, my French co-worker).


3. The Journey of Busky Bushybottom, one of the prettiest children books I have ever seen, from my Nana.


4.  The world’s cutest vintage elephant sandwich holder from the baby’s Great Aunt Baba and Gruncle Dale (who also threw us the world’s greatest baby shower!).  We might have to wait a while to use this, but we can’t wait, since it is absolutely adorable.


5. The baby’s vintage bassinet, a gift from Jonathan’s Memaw and Pepaw. It’s really one of a kind — it rocks back and forth and is generally adorable. We’re so excited to have it! It came without a mattress, so this last weekend we bought some high density foam that Jonathan carved to fit it.


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