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Baby Things: Part 2


after several weeks of packages arriving and a day full of successful yard sale-ing,

Jonathan and I feel like the nursery is almost complete and good to go.

hopefully, I’ll get around to posting some pictures of it before the baby comes.

till then, here are some more baby items we’re so excited about.


1. Handmade/vintage baby clothes. On the left are six handmade sweaters that were made especially for our little one by my uncle’s cousin Dot, one of the sweetest (and talented) women around, and were shipped to us all the way from England. On the right is my rain coat from when I was young, one of dozens of amazing outfits my parents held on to. (If this baby is a girl, we are set clothing-wise!)


2. Jonathan looking catalog casual with our Skip Hop diaper bag. It’s rare that you find one out there that isn’t too girly, too big or small, or too expensive. This one we felt was just right. I’m super excited about packing it full of items this week.


3. Our ever-growing cloth diaper collection. We are so excited about this. I have spent a lot of time researching exactly which brands/systems we feel will best fit our lifestyle (not to mention attended a class on the topic), so I’m ready to see how this goes in practice instead of just theory. We’re feeling prepared.


4.  Jonathan and our Ergo Baby! We got this at a yard sale today for $2!!!! Which is crazy. They’re $130 new, and this one is in really great shape. I can’t imagine it was used much. We are so excited to have a baby carrier that will last past the first 3 months, and can’t wait to be real “baby wearers.”


5. Sleep sacks.  We saw these everywhere in France, and were excited upon starting to figure out American parenting trends that these were catching on here too. The one on the left is Aiden + Anais and we found it for $6 at a yard sale! Score! The one on the right is super soft and was a gift from my boss.  Sleep sacks are meant to take the place of blankets, so they’re safer for baby, and many parents swear by them as being helpful with traveling, since they make babies feel more at home, wherever they’re sleeping.

36 weeks as of today! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by, or how close we are to becoming parents.


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