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Full-term. 37 weeks.


And so we’ve reached that dreamed of time:

baby is full term.

Jonathan and I are both so excited that we get to meet our little one any day now,

that we will be naming our child, that we’ll be finding out if this is a son or daughter we’ve been cherishing these many months,

and that the holiness and covenant of our marriage is about take on a whole new element as we work together as parents.

At this point, there really isn’t a ton left for us to do or buy.

The nursery is more or less complete.

We have lots of diapers, outfits, swaddles, hats to keep our baby warm in these coming winter months.

We have books to read them, lullabies to sing, a few parenting tricks we’ve practiced (let’s see how those go!).

So now we are waiting, patiently, prayerfully.

Honestly, I have loved every second of this pregnancy, and it’s a little strange to me that soon I won’t be pregnant anymore.

Birth details for the curious:

Last night, we met with our doula Jeannie Casey. She has been a doula for over 20 years, and is also the teacher of our Bradley Birth Class (which we love). Between the class and now having her as our doula, Jonathan and I are both feeling prepared for labor. Meeting with Jeannie last night was so reassuring, and we absolutely feel she will be so helpful and such a comforting presence to have with us when the baby comes. We want to labor at home for as long as possible, and I know that having her with us will make that possible.

We’re giving birth with the Vanderbilt Midwives, and we both feel lucky to have such a wonderful resource in town. We are both committed to natural child birth, but know a home birth would not be for us. With the midwives, we really feel like we’re receiving top-notch medical care that is none-the-less focused on as little medical intervention as necessary. So far, we highly recommend them, and feel lucky that we won’t be having to combat our way through having a hospital birth, but will be working with a team that supports natural child birth.

We are also doing placenta encapsulation with Sarah Cowan-Peckham. The benefits of placenta encapsulation are truly amazing, and have come highly recommended from many moms I admire. Taking placenta capsules after birth has been known to help with postpartum depression, milk supply, and healing after birth. I’m very excited we’re doing this.

Could something go wrong? Absolutely. Ultimately, as long as our baby is healthy and I am healthy, Jonathan and I are determined to be happy. That said, we’re both confident in what the next few weeks have in store.


One thought on “Full-term. 37 weeks.

  1. I am so excited for you guys!!! I loved every bit of being pregnant as well, and honestly miss it! You’re going to be such wonderful parents. Also, so glad you’re doing placenta encapsulation! It was wonderful for me.


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