Love and Life

baby’s nursery…

I can remember when Jonathan and I were touring this house with the realtor being so immediately excited about the way the bedrooms were situated: one, almost closet-sized room next to what would be our bedroom. I knew right away that’s where the nursery would be! I love it for its littleness and how convenient it will always  be to have baby so close.

tonight, we more or less “finished” the nursery. Jonathan made and hung shelves on either side of the crib! I think they look wonderful, and I love seeing the baby’s books out and ready for reading.

the nursery also feels complete thanks to a $30 dresser that we will be using additionally as a changing table. we bought it at a yard sale last week after searching for forever. we love it!

there’s also a French alphabet poster, pictures of Jon and me as little ones, and other little odds and ends we’ve gathered over the years, knowing eventually they would go to our child.

we are so excited.






We’re ready when you are, baby!


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