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we had the most stressful but wonderful time this last weekend. on Friday morning, our front tire went completely flat and couldn’t be refilled. Ultimately, Jonathan spent all day Friday and a lot of the day Saturday dealing with this, trying to find replacement tires and a new tire rod (whatever that is) for under 1,000 dollars. this would not have been possible without the help of Jonathan’s dad, Randy, who drove him around to various repair shops all across town, providing invaluable advice along the way. meanwhile, my mom helped me run all the errands I’d been planning on running with Jonathan, and we even managed to find me a new dresser (I’ve been looking for one for ages).

on days like that, I can’t fathom how different our life would be if we lived in a town without our parents. it is a perpetual comfort, knowing that if something goes wrong we have four “grownups” within a couple miles of us that can help us, or advise us. I cannot imagine being on the brink of parenthood without them in town! how do people do it? Thanks so much, parents!!

Saturday, knowing that Jonathan and I were both stressed out from the tire situation, my parents paid for us to have a nice date night, so we headed to the Yellow Porch, a wonderful restaurant in our neighborhood we’d been wanting to try. it meant so much to us that my parents got us to take the time and do that – my mom was quick to remind me it might be a while before we get to enjoy an evening out just the two of us! Thanks so much, Mom and Dad! 

Sunday, the rainy, blustery weather kept us indoors all day, and rather than head out to a play as we’d originally planned, Jonathan and I spent a good 75% of the day laying about in bed reading and watch movies and talking. i feel so blessed by our marriage, and couldn’t be happier with where we are as a couple as we await the arrival of our first child.

so now we are at a mere week and a half away from our due date. I’ve got class plans prepared, I’m meeting with my substitute later today in preparation for next Tuesday (my last day of work for nearly two months) and we’ve been keeping our kitchen cupboards well-stocked. I’ve been rolling around on my birth ball a little each day, been going on some long walks, and have been drinking lots of pineapple juice. Monday night during our Bradley Class we did a 2 hour long labor simulation, where Jonathan and I practiced all the ways we’ll be working together during labor.

in short, we feel as prepared as we’re likely to feel before this baby comes!

a few more baby things:

1. a boat book shelf  that I found for $12 at the Green Wagon in East Nashville. It’s a lot like the one Jonathan and I had in our apartment in France, and after a coat of paint, it will be the perfect addition to the baby’s nursery

2. our sakura bloom ring sling. along with our moby and our ergo baby, we’re now fully prepared to wear this baby as much as he/she will allow

3. the world’s most amazing mobile, made by Jonathan’s mom Rosie! I asked Rosie if she’d be willing to help make a mobile soon after I got pregnant, and she (as usual) went above and beyond our expectations! The design is modeled off of some antique tins I got Jonathan in college (that I always hoped might end up in our baby’s room some day). I love the whimsical design! Amazing! Thanks, Rosie!

IMG_2206 IMG_2208 IMG_2202

2 thoughts on “waiting!

  1. You and Jonathan will be amazing parents because you both were raised up by dome if the best! You are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses that will provide you and baby Moody with love and laughter and free babysitting and food and support through happy and sad times!


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