Baby Names…

So we’ve been keeping mum on our name choices — really, it’s hard enough to come up with a name for another human without hearing lots of other opinions — but our dear friend Eric Keen submitted some suggestions to us a while back, and we thought them too brilliant not to share. Thanks, Eric! We’re considering ’em! 


Baby Names for J. and R. Moody’s firstborn

Humbly submitted by their loyal friend, Ewikeen.

Some of these names have been taken directly from Eric’s Name Vault, those monikers he has been saving

especially for his own progeny. However, he deems the birth of Rebecca and Jonathan’s child to be so

momentous – and so historic – that he is happy to offer some of these proprietary ideas free of charge

(however, he will require that credit be given on the birth certificate. Something as simple as, for instance,

“ Beluga Valient Moody © Ewikeen 2013 “)


If it is a boy:

Eric Keen, Jr. Moody

Eric Hannaman Moody

Mullet Nascar Moody

Groover Clevelend Moody

Sargasso Intransigent Moody

Yukon Canyon Moody

Bering Hootenanny Moody

Cicero Wolfgang Moody

Gilgamesh Erasmus Moody

Planet Warlock Moody

Custer Prairie Moody

Garbonzo Azimuth Moody

Aubergine Marlin Moody

Sewanee’s Great Moody

Redwood Nero Moody

Bosporus McGillicutty Moody

Tussock Guadalupe Moody

Bromeliad Quintessential Moody

Suspender Britches Moody

Eric Paul Carson Moody

Eric Carson Paul Moody (better ring to it)

Carson Paul Eric Moody (nah)

Phil Collins Moody

Drifter Lonesome Moody


If it is a girl:

Hanna Eric(a) Moody

Aurora Sundance Dakota Cadence Melody Savanna Madison Moody

Trudy Broodie Moody

Rio Canada Moody

Elspeth Thinks Eric’s Hot Moody

Drifta Lonesome Moody


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