Love and Life

oh, my heart.

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as a Christmas gift to ourselves, Jonathan and I ordered the photos taken by bella baby photography the day Edmond was born.

I’m so glad we have them – at a day shy of 2 weeks old, Edmond has already changed so much, and I feel so happy (and sappy) when I look at how very little he was when he was born – those little fingers wrapped around his dad…

before he was born, I wanted so desperately for him to be a boy. it was inexplicable, since girls are generally more fun to dress up and I’ve had such a great relationship with my mom that I’m of course very excited to eventually foster that sort of special relationship with a daughter.

now that he’s here it’s impossible for me to envision this happening any other way.

i love calling him buddy, or son, or little man. i love that my parents bought him a toy fire truck for Christmas. i love all his oh-so-boyish grunts.

above all, I love to watch Jonathan with him, and  know that with Jonathan as a dad he will grow up to be sensitive and gentlemanly and smart (not to mention handsome).

yesterday, waking up on Christmas morning next to Jonathan in bed with Edmond in his bassinet beside me, I felt my heart couldn’t possibly expand to contain any more joy. it hurts almost i love them both so much.

here we are before Christmas dinner last evening. stay tuned for an update on our very busy but best-ever Christmas.

1531976_10201345423946781_50293479_o (1)


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