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Fête de La Chandeleur, deux mille quatorze

Yesterday, we celebrated the 2nd annual Moody Fête de La Chandeleur, a French holiday where (among other things) you eat lots of crêpes. Building on last year, this year we invited a few people outside our very immediate family, and the result was so much fun. So many people I love all in the same place! I loved that this year my adorable niece Willow wasn’t the only babe amongst us and that Edmond and babyfriend Genevieve were part of the celebration as well. Jonathan’s Aunt Leesa was even here to celebrate, in town from Columbus.  It was also great having Daniel and Jordan here, who recently got engaged.

Guests brought some of their favorite fillings. We provided the crêpes and the most usual accompaniments. We played a rousing game of “Qui suis-je?” My aunt Baba also brought the prettiest living bouquet ever, to ring in the spring.


Edmond was clearly excited for the fun to start.

IMG_3527 IMG_3529 IMG_3530 IMG_3531

A close up of Baba’s bouquet!



Mademoiselle Genevieve Lark


Aunt Baba and Edmond

IMG_3538 IMG_3542

Mademoiselle Willow


Al Capone, Napoleon, et Bebe






Aunt Leesa and Edmond

IMG_3566 IMG_3569 IMG_3580

Notre petit prince


To see last year’s celebration, click here: Fête de la Chandeleur, deux mille treize 


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