Love and Life

Edmond at 2 months.

today is my birthday, and I am so amazed that it is also the day Edmond turns 2 months.

time really does go by so quickly, but we’re doing out best to soak it in.

at 2 months, Edmond can hold up his head. he’s discovered his hands, and is loving mobiles. we bought him a “baby gym” and it is so fun to see how wide-eyed and smiley he gets in it. he has started touching things with some purpose – making little rings spin on his rattle, batting at his toys, etc.

he coos a ton, and has added some boos, goos, and the very occasional moo to his repertoire. in the last few days, he’s laughed at his parents a few times, once in response to me and Patty Cake  (who can blame him, funny song), and several times in response to Jonathan laughing at him.

Edmond continues to be a pretty smiley little guy, and isn’t too difficult to soothe when upset, although he’s spent a few afternoons in the moby wrap when he’s particularly fussy. some nights he sleeps in 6  hour stretches, some nights he only makes it 4. breast feeding has been tricky for us but we’re still working on it, and in the last week or so it’s started to feel easier.

we’ve finally started cloth diapering, and we love it. we’ve gone around a week now, done two rounds of laundry, and still feel like it is financially worth it for us (diapers are expensive, as are diaper laundry services!). we’ve had far fewer blow outs, and we love how cute they are (although they are still hilariously big on him!).

some mornings we wake up and we think he looks like me. others, it’s Jonathan. as each day goes by though, he’s becoming more Edmond, his own unique personality emerging, and we’re loving him every step of the way.

Edmond at:

5 weeks


6 weeks


7 weeks


8 weeks


2 months



Photo on 2-13-14 at 10.30 AM #4

Other photos from this month:

IMG_3730 IMG_3775 IMG_3470 IMG_3601 IMG_3609 IMG_3696

way to make 25 seem like the best year yet, Edmond!


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