one of those weekends

…that didn’t feel like a weekend.

Jonathan’s exams are this week, and so I knew going in I would need to be the main one taking care of Edmond. normally, that’s not such a chore. the little guy is adorable and has consistently been an easy baby with somewhat predictable 2-3 hour long naps, feeds every two hours, and next to no crying except the minute or so before nursing.

cue an amazingly powerful growth spurt, during which Edmond took no naps Saturday or Sunday, and fed almost non-stop for three hours Saturday evening. he even pitched a fit in the car (his third-ever crying spree) while I was driving and so couldn’t do anything to soothe him, poor guy.

also, one of our chickens ran away, prompting a neighborhood-wide search on our part, only to be found by our neighbors hours later.


last night Edmond slept 9 hours straight. he has started laughing. it kills me how cute it is. Saturday morning I did get to take him out in the yard to enjoy the warm weather, and I cannot explain how excited it made me for the spring and summer we have ahead of us.

it’s times like these that I’m reminded Edmond isn’t a pet or a toy. he’s a human. he has good days and bad ones. and it’s my job as his mother to muster all my patience and love for days when he’s having a rough time.

One thought on “one of those weekends

  1. “and it’s my job as his mother to muster all my patience and love for days when he’s having a rough time”

    yes … and it’s this ONE THING that you will have to CONSTANTLY remind yourself as he grows up, ‘cause the challenges may change, but they’re still challenges!

    glad you’re so in love … he’s adorable (and VERY much a Mooradian, I think!)



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