life lately.

life is so great lately.

Edmond, after a solid week of grumping, not sleeping, and screaming, has been a little doll baby all weekend. we’ve run errands with him, gone out to eat with him, and spent lots of time singing songs, playing hand games, and practicing his newest trick (rolling over from his stomach to back!) with him.

Friday night we also managed a date night thanks to Jonathan’s parents who watched Edmond while we went first to a faculty dinner at Richland Country Club and then to the Green House for a friend’s birthday. Sunday we enjoyed watching the Oscar’s before hightailing it home in advance of the bad weather.

and now, Monday, a snow day, has been spent eating waffles, working on Jonathan’s resume so he can apply for a job (keep your fingers crossed!), and we’re about to watch a movie while we catch up on laundry (our bedroom looks like a cyclone hit, it’s so covered in clothes).

photos from lately:


IMG_4068_Fotor_Fotor_CollageIMG_4076 IMG_4080 IMG_4111IMG_4101IMG_4122IMG_4156






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