Love and Life

Edmond at 3 months.

Edmond at:

9 weeks


10 weeks


11 weeks


12 weeks


3 months:





My, oh my! We sure love this little baby boy of ours. At 3 months, Edmond sleeps 12ish hours a night, but only takes a few very short naps during the day. He loves being sung to, being walked around the house, or going for walks in the sling. He started rolling over from his stomach to his back at a little over ten weeks. His newest “trick” is screeching at the top of his lungs for minutes on end. Generally, they’re happy screeches, so we have been trying not to discourage him, though we do whip out the faithful pacifier once we start getting headaches.   In the last month, Edmond visited Sewanee, Shelby Bottoms Park, Centennial Park, Bicentennial Mall, and Sevier Park. We are loving getting this boy outside. We’re still loving cloth diapering and breastfeeding, and as this “fourth trimester” comes to a close, we’re excited for all the sweet days ahead for us and our son.

More pictures from the last month:

IMG_4115 IMG_4253 IMG_4228 IMG_4232 IMG_4258 IMG_4250 IMG_4240 IMG_4230


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