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Edmond at 4 months.

It is so very hard for me to believe that Edmond is 4 months old!

At 4 months, Edmond babbles and coos and laughs. He can sit on his own for very brief intervals but when given the option he prefers to stand. He is the kickiest, wriggliest, happiest little baby.  He is healthy but teeny for is age — only the 4th percentile in weight. His hair keeps getting longer and is now crazy when he wakes up. His eyes are either going to be blue, green, or brown (we can’t tell at all!). He loves his hands, and will shove almost anything in his mouth. He’s gotten to hang with some pretty cool peeps, including Carina, Trae, and Emily E. He’s also met his cousins Mark, Donna, and Graham (who he was pretty crazy about).

Edmond loves the outdoors, and it has been so fun to show him the plants springing up in our yard. I cannot wait to take him on more hikes, and (best of all!) take him swimming soon.

 He adores his daddy, and I think Jonathan can make him laugh or coo quicker than anyone. He is mesmerized by Minette. And he seems pretty fond of his mama too.

IMG_4385 IMG_4463 IMG_4507 IMG_4491 IMG_4509 IMG_4519 IMG_4524 IMG_4534 IMG_4530 IMG_4553 Photo on 4-10-14 at 10.26 AM

Life has only gotten better and better since he came into our lives. I am so happy in the present, and so excited for the future.


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