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Edmond at 5 months.

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I really cannot believe it, but Edmond turns 5 months old today! There are no words for how much we love this little one. At 5 months, Edmond laughs a ton, rolls over in the blink of an eye, scoots himself across the floor, bounces whenever he’s held upright, stands whenever given the chance to sit, babbles, screams, coos, and grunts, and is generally the squirmiest little bundle of energy around. Thank goodness for nursing or he might not ever be still!

He has had a very full fifth month. We spend almost every morning outside on the front porch with him. After I’m done with my coffee, Jonathan and I walk around the yard, checking up on our newly planted trees and shrubs, making plans for the future, and gathering eggs from our hens. Edmond loves being outside, and is agog at all the green around him. No wonder — having been born mid- December I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought life only consisted of the inside of houses backed by grey skies!

We’ve gone to Earth Day, and wedding showers, and a neighborhood festival. Edmond’s had his first visit from the Easter Bunny and Sunday, for my first Mother’s Day, Edmond took me and my mom to the lake where he got to splash about a bit.

Below are a few more specifics about this crazy adventure we’re on called Parenthood.

Breastfeeding Update

Five months in and we’re going strong! Up until yesterday, when Edmond tried his first food, his only source of sustenance ever had been me! It’s crazy to think that my body provided enough for him to grow as long and strong as he is. Breastfeeding was so challenging in the beginning. It took forever and Edmond was such a slow eater and I had so much pain. I honestly am so understanding of women who switch to formula because dang! it’s not easy to breastfeed and if you have any postpartum depression I can see how being treated as a human pacifier would make it a lot worse.  That being said, I’m so glad we stuck with it because it is currently  one of my favorite parts of being a parent. I love having to slow down and spend that time with him, and I’ve become a pro and will nurse holding him as I walk around the yard, or while on hikes with him in the Ergo.

Baby Led Weaning

Yesterday, we began the oh-so-scary-but-exciting process of “baby led weaning,” which is a non-traditional weaning method in which babies get to explore food and self-lead the weaning process. Essentially, this means we are skipping the puree part of baby food in which Jonathan and I would feed Edmond, and are starting out with foods that he can feed himself. Edmond’s first food was egg yolk from our very own happy organic-grain-fed chickens, and he was such a champ! We pre-loaded the spoon and he was so quick to put it in his mouth. It was absolutely amazing to witness. We’ll see how it goes, but so far I have the feeling it will be a great experience.

Baby Wearing

We still do this quite a bit, and especially now that Edmond is starting to be able to sit up at high chairs at restaurants it’s gotten easier to get by without  a fancy stroller/car seat combo. We do have an umbrella stroller we use from time to time and I soooo prefer carrying Edmond. He is always so happy and wide-eyed when carried, and I love the built-in snuggle factor.

Attachment Parenting

Without really meaning to be, Jonathan and I definitely fall into the category of attachment parents. We try never to let Edmond cry (he wails in the car but there’s no fixing that, apparently), still do command breastfeeding, and haven’t really been able to do sleep scheduling. While Edmond’s lack of reliable napping is frustrating, he does sleep 12 hours at night, goes to bed with relative ease, and only wakes up for one (occasionally two) night time feedings. Honestly, this has everything to do with the fact that we just can’t handle him crying. It breaks my heart.

Screen Time

To date, Edmond has watched almost no television. At most, he’s seen it on while at his grand parents’ house as they watch the news. I realize that when we get ready to have a second child it probably won’t be possible for us to raise him/her the same way, but for now I feel like it’s been a really positive experience for us.


After a years-long hiatus from church, Jonathan and I decided it was time to get the munchkin and ourselves back into the habit. We’ve begun attending St. Augustin, are loving it, and are super excited to raise Edmond there. He is an absolute champ in services, and I love that during communion he receives a sweet blessing from the priest. Episcopalianism, here we come!

Generally, parenting strikes me as an incredibly exhausting but magical experience. We love getting to watch Edmond discover the world and his own capabilities. Waking up with him in the morning feels like Christmas. I get teary-eyed almost daily over how much I love the little guy, and how blessed I feel to be his mom. He is one heck of a five-month-old, and I can’t wait to see all this wide world has in store for him. IMG_4732 IMG_4736 IMG_4739 IMG_4765 IMG_4766 IMG_4767 IMG_4768 IMG_4772 IMG_4774 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4777


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