Love and Life

Edmond at 6 months.



Edmond turned 6 months old (a whole half a year, what?!?!) on Friday.

He is getting to be so much fun. He can essentially crawl at this point – it’s a bit of an army crawl but every day he adds momentum. He can sit up for brief periods of time, and does a pretty good job of catching himself rather than just toppling over. He loves to stand and bounce. He is babbling a ton: baba, papa, some ‘fa’s, ‘tha’s, and ‘da’s, as well as the occasional ‘mama.’ He loves bananas, but makes completely grossed out faces when eating broccoli, eggs, or carrots. Starting today, he’ll be eating a little bit of “real food” at each meal. This morning he used a loaded spoon to eat cereal, and he enjoyed that a ton (and didn’t make too big a mess). He has two very wee front bottom teeth.

In his six month, Edmond has been to the beach, to Sewanee, and to Detroit, MI. And, he has now met all of his living great-grandparents, after celebrating his great-grandmother’s 90th birthday! He has now also met all of his great-aunts and great-uncles. He was able to attend several wedding festivities and was pretty well-behaved: he was our date to Wil and Elisa’s cocktail party the day before their wedding in Sewanee, and also attended Daniel & Jordan’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. He also got to spend some great time with Hanna Moran!

Edmond is getting to be such a snuggle bug. When he’s not crazy hyper and rolling about, he has started touching faces lovingly, cooing at them, and yesterday I think he pulled me in to our first true hug (although before that he was still draping his arm around our shoulders so lovingly). He reaches to be held by people he loves, flirts with strangers, and scrunches up his nose and squints his eyes for smiles and laughs that make my heart melt.  He is attentive when read to, loves nursery rhymes and songs, and can play a mean bongo drum.

We love him so much, and are so proud of the little tot he’s becoming. I cannot believe all the ways he’s changed already, and am so excited for all the adventures that lay in store for him and our little family.

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20140520_122009 20140526_145640

As an aside, as of 6 months postpartum I am finally down to my pre-birth weight! Thanks, breast-feeding!


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