Love and Life

Edmond at 7 months.


Our sweet boy turned 7 months on Sunday.

At 7 months, Edmond crawls, pulls himself to standing, and has a love/hate relationship with his walker (which he moves forward in about 1/4 of the time).

He babbles constantly, loves wrinkling up his nose when he smiles, and screeches when very excited or very upset.

He loves all foods (except avocado). We more or less gave up on baby-led weaning, although Edmond still self-feeds with a loaded spoon, and we try to give him as many semi-solids as we feel comfortable with.

Edmond’s favorite book is Bear Snores On, and with or without the pictures, if he hears it he will grow super attentive and listen to the whole story. Really, all you have to say is, “bear” and he grows so interested.

With Jonathan in Guatemala this last month, Edmond underwent a major sleep regression and now seems only satisfied when sleeping with his mama. That said, we at long last took the bassinet out of our room and he now sleeps around a half of the night in his own crib.

He loves Minette, swinging, and swimming.

While Jonathan was in Guatemala, we stayed with my parents and it was so much fun to see them in grandparent-mode full-time. They were so generous with their time and resources while Jonathan was away — we’re so grateful.

In the last month, he went to Michigan, East Tennessee, and Sewanee. He has gotten to see all of his great-grandparents in the last month, and got to spend some very sweet time with my Nana for a quiet and sweet weekend at her house. He has met much of his extended family at reunions and here in town. He celebrated his first 4th of July, and went swimming in a pool for the first time. He slept through his first movie at the theater.

Jonathan and I love him so much. Having a baby is harder than anyone can prepare you for, but it is sweeter and more magical than you can imagine too. At every age, Edmond has gotten more and more fun (but that didn’t keep me from balling this morning when I put more of his little baby clothes in storage).


 IMG_4929 IMG_4958 IMG_4970 IMG_4983 IMG_5001 IMG_5014 IMG_5044 IMG_5057

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