Love and Life

Life lately.


We, the Moodys, entered in to a whole new phase of life this week.

Jonathan got hired full-time as an Education Assistant at Cameron College Prep, a charter school in our neighborhood (it is actually our zone school, so Edmond might attend there in 10 years for middle school). It is 60% Latino and 20% Egyptian. Jonathan will be working with the ELL department, and over the next couple of months, will help as they develop a “Newcomers Academy” curriculum, intended for students who have only recently arrived to America. He will eventually help head this new program, and will work as a teacher starting next year. 

In so many ways, this job is his dream job. Jonathan has already told me so many stories of the students he has met there and the hardships they have experienced already in their short lives. This is what he has dreamed of for years: to use his Spanish language skills to help people in his hometown. As an additional perk, he can bike to work (and it takes about 5 minutes). He also gets paid summers off. And he has to wear a tie to work each day (which means his wife thinks he looks like a stud).

This is a huge piece of the puzzle in our lives. It cements the decision I made last January to resign as Aftercare director, effectively becoming a stay-at-home mom. I now teach only three hours a week, and this too is a perfect position for me to be in – I love my co-workers, love getting to use my French each week, and am excited about the opportunity to perfect my teaching skills with the low-stress commitment of one section a week. Best of all, I am able essentially to be a stay-at-home mom, and make our lives at home as peaceful and economical as possible. I’m already loving getting the house in tip-top shape, making the chickens my responsibility (traditionally, Jonathan took care of our little girls), and cooking more. 

I am also able to focus on being the best mom I can be, and for me in this season, it means trying to create a peaceful, no-stress environment for my little family, and to take time to really enjoy Edmond. As a mom with diagnosed OCD and a generally high-strung personality, I am trying to make my life at home a meditation, and to take time to appreciate each day that I am given with my darling boy. I could write a whole post on this process.

Lastly, Jonathan getting this job opens so many doors for us and allows us to continue to dream big. This summer while Jonathan is off, I will begin taking graduate courses towards getting my MFA in Creative Writing. I am so excited about this and it too feels like a piece of the puzzle falling into place in our lives.

We are also going to be traveling a lot more — with my teaching schedule and Jonathan’s school schedule, there will be several opportunities for weekend trips and longer trips — we’ve been dying to go on an adventure and now this will be possible. We’re thinking Baltimore for our fall break, and perhaps a trip to Quebec for Jonathan’s spring break. 

This Saturday, we’re also taking a trip to look at a Tiny House. Whether or not this one works out, our future plans include Airbnb, having a space for guests again (Edmond’s nursery used to be our guest room), and having a little home to take away from home. We’re so excited. 

Also, I want to add some ducks to our chicken flock. We’ll see if I can convince Jonathan.

All this is to say, the other day after finding out Jonathan got hired, I was driving home with Edmond babbling in the back seat, and I couldn’t think of one thing that I was stressed about or worried about or frustrated with. Life will happen, expectations will change, seasons will come and go. I might not always be this happy. But dang. Life feels great right now. And we feel so grateful and blessed. 

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