Edmond at 9 months.

IMG_5545 IMG_5546 IMG_5548 IMG_5551 IMG_5555

Yesterday Edmond turned 9 months young. He truly seems on the brink of toddlerhood – it is amazing to me how much change and transition we humans go through our first year of life!

At 9 months, Edmond is so much fun. He crawls, stands, “cruises,” and may be walking any day now. He loves being chased and tickled, will crawl across the floor at his fastest speed to get to a drum or guitar, and occasionally slows down long enough for some very open-mouthed but oh-so-sweet baby kisses.

Edmond has started demonstrating that he knows some words, which is endlessly fascinating to his parents. He knows ‘firetruck,’ ‘dog,’ ‘kitty cat,’ ‘monkey,’ and knows many, many loved ones by name. He has sounds that he attaches to many of these things and people, but no true words yet (short of babbling ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and ‘baba’).

Edmond has also gotten so much better at entertaining himself. In the morning as I’m making my coffee, Edmond is typically flipping pages in his favorite books, and on our most recent family trip to Sewanee, Edmond contented himself by ‘reading’ in the back seat. He also loves examining toys before throwing them flippantly, often with a shrug. It cracks me up.

Edmond has four adorable teeth. He enjoys all foods and we have almost stopped buying baby food. Edmond loves apples, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and tried bread for the first time yesterday (and, of course, loved it). He is still loving nursing (as am I).

Edmond loves Minette and is really sweet to her 55% of the time. She is sweet to him 98% of the time.

Jonathan and I feel so blessed to be his parents and are so crazy about him. We’re amazingly sentimental about every little milestone, and are trying to cherish each new phase as best as we can.


These two know how to play, I tell you what.




IMG_5502 IMG_5533 IMG_5573


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