Edmond at 10 months.

IMG_5899_Fotor IMG_5908_Fotor IMG_5897_Fotor

Edmond is ten months old today! He has taken his first baby steps, has five teeth, and is more fun than ever. He has been on his first plane ride, and gone to the zoo for the first time. Yesterday, he had his first “sweet” ever – a small taste of pumpkin pie made by his Gram for his dad’s birthday.

Edmond can cuddle, babble, and play. He loves all musical instruments, is crazy about his parents, grandparents, extended family, and friends, and loves books. He has so many new tricks, but favorites include finding his toes, clapping his hands, and an adorable fake laugh. He loves nursing, and now signs for milk (which is a little more subtle than trying to pull my shirt off in public, so that is appreciated).

Not surprisingly given his parents, he is very stubborn. He can be amazingly willful, and Jonathan and I have to work very hard not to laugh when he grits his teeth and throws a spoon on the floor after being asked not to, or picks up a computer cord and flings it after being reminded not to touch wires.

Edmond is the most charming handful around, is friendly with strangers, and can give some pretty adorable kisses if he’s feeling inclined.

As parents, Jonathan and I are being kept perpetually on our toes, but we’re loving it. I am a huge sap when it comes to this kid (alright, I’m a huge sap about most things), and I almost cannot bare how quickly Edmond’s first year is passing by. Fortunately, with each day, we fall more in love as a family and Edmond gets a bit more fun, so I guess I’ll have to learn the passing of time as best I can.

Here are a few photos from lately, and more photos can be seen on the previous post about Baltimore and upcoming posts about our mini-fall celebration with the Durhams and our photo session with Gentle Hearts Photography.

IMG_5618 IMG_561910645229_10202968677077751_6721365927048282946_n

Also, to say that we are a little excited about the next three months (1st Halloween, 1st Thanksgiving, 1st Birthday, and 2nd Christmas) is a glorious understatement.


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