Sleepy Saturday #1

Today was an important first: it was our first Sleepy Saturday.

Sleepy Saturday is a tradition we just invented, and I think it should catch on. Here’s the gist: when life feels like it is too busy, too hectic, too full, a “Sleepy Saturday” is imposed as a day committed to rest, togetherness, and home-time.

We have been so on the go lately. Every weekend has had several activities per day planned, and as much as we love staying busy, Jonathan and I have lately started to feel overwhelmed with how on-the-go we always are. Today, we had only one outing, going to the celebration of our best baby friend Genevieve’s birthday! (It was so great!)

So Sleepy Saturday #1.

Being the first, today had a few kinks. Imagine this — we’re not good at committing to home-time! I woke up and immediately thought of thirty errands I wanted to run. And once I reminded myself that today was a holiday, a Sleepy Saturday, my brain then jumped to all the chores I could accomplish with a day spent at home. And that’s just not the point of a Sleepy Saturday.

Secondly, Edmond has his first ever bug – it’s a viral rash that had me worried for several hours and on the phone with the nurse from his doctor’s office, and then, per the nurse’s suggestion that it might be a yeast infection, we let Edmond go diaper-less a good hour or so, which resulted in a little mini disaster – I’m sure you can imagine and I’d rather not describe.

All that aside, Sleepy Saturdays are a new Moody thing. Feel free to adopt them into your family too. Our policies? Limited social media. Few chores. No errands. Visitors optional (but they must accept that our house is not in tip-top shape). Our preferences? Lots of snuggling. Lots of reading. Lots of goofing off. Baking and music playing if we feel so inclined.

We’re going to schedule one Sleepy Saturday a month. As our families grow, any family member can request an additional Sleepy Saturday be added to the schedule if they’re feeling we’re getting too busy, too unconnected.

A little documentation of our day. IMG_6103 IMG_6116 IMG_6122 IMG_6124 IMG_6127 IMG_6131 IMG_6132

Happy baby, because it’s sleepy Saturday.


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