Edmond at 11 months.

IMG_6144 IMG_6146 IMG_6148

Oh my goodness, how could this be my last monthly update before Edmond hits a year (and monthly updates stop)?

At 11 months, Edmond is so, so much fun. I feel like he’s become a kid in the last month. At 11 Months, Edmond sleeps through the night and goes to bed like a champ. In addition to signing for milk, he now signs for ‘more’ and ‘water.’ He claps his hand when he’s excited. He still loves reading, but has also started to be really fascinated by blocks, and he loves peekaboo.

The biggest change though has been in his language. Around a month ago he started using words very purposefully, and now he has so many that he says semi-correctly but absolutely in the right context and with consistency. Favorites include: Mama, Dada, Nana, Dede (his name for my dad), Baba, kittykat, doggie, bye-bye, and no. He also says “choo-choo” when we hear the train go by at our house, says “whoo” if you ask him what noise an owl makes (or if he sees a picture of an owl), and recently if you prompt him for what the bear says, he says “achoo” (which is the climax of his favorite children’s book). It is all just too cute.

I cannot believe in just a wee little month we’ll have a one year old. We are trying to soak-in every second with our baby.

IMG_5952 IMG_5957


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