Thanksgiving 2014

this Thanksgiving season was truly the best ever.

it began with a trip to Black Mountain, North Carolina to hang with Hanna (with wonderful stops to and from at my Nana’s house in East Tennessee), and ended in days of celebration with my family in Nashville. Thanksgiving-eve we had a delicious meal at my Aunt Baba’s house in East Nashville, Thanksgiving Day we baked at home, Jonathan got to take Edmond over to his Gram and Grandy’s for some cousin play time while I was at my parents, and my mom hosted with a feast, parlor games, and a wonderful dance party. I made 3 pies and a loaf of pumpkin bread for the occasion. The next day, family reconvened and the party just repeated itself. It was wonderful.

It is crazy for me to think about how this time last year Edmond still hadn’t been born yet. He was a dream this entire week and is getting to be just so, so much fun. He loved “dancing” and was a complete ham at all the parties, staying up way past his bed time every night but handling it like a champ. Oh yeah, and in 10 days he’ll be 1 year old. WHAT.

Photos from this November. IMG_9431 IMG_9439 IMG_9503 IMG_9506 IMG_9510 IMG_9512 IMG_9516 IMG_9528_Fotor IMG_9532

That last shot is my dad “channeling Norman Rockwell.” Nailed it.


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