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Edmond at 1 year old!

Edmond is 1 I cannot believe that my baby boy turned one yesterday. What I find surreal is that someone who has spent so little time on this planet could be so full of life and personality. I also cannot fathom the possibilities of the human heart. Two years ago, Edmond did not exist except in some dreamy world of possibility. One year ago, he was born and slept his way through the next several weeks of his life. And now, he is the person Jonathan and I love more than anything in existence. How beautiful is that? He has done so much this year: gone to Baltimore, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan. He has gone on his first plane ride, he “swam” in the ocean and lakes and a river. He has hiked many hikes. He has been loved up on by so many relatives and friends, and has spent hours entertaining with his new skills and antics. I always wanted to have a son as my first born. I do not know why, except I think I always wanted a big brother (little did I know, Joe would surpass me in height at age 13 and take on nearly all other protective properties of a ‘big’ brother). My favorite part of my birth video is when Jonathan tells me the gender of our baby, his voice so full of emotion: “Oh, Becca, it’s a boy!” I love him so much and feel so blessed to have him as my son. Yesterday,we had a party to celebrate him. It was a pajama brunch complete with a sugarless “smash” cake made by yours truly, a totally sugary cake for adults, mimosas, frittata muffins, lots of presents and adorable babies, and Edmond’s huge, fun, wonderful family. Thank you to all the people who came for making the day special! IMG_9606_Fotor_Collage_Fotor IMG_9586 IMG_9587 IMG_9589 IMG_9590 IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9593 IMG_9594  IMG_9597 IMG_9603  IMG_9624 IMG_9665 IMG_9648


Names: Mama, Dada, Nana, Deedee (for my dad), Baba, Joe-joe, Lala (Lexie), Nanny (Hanna), Weeow (for Willow) Words: Hi, Bye-bye, No, Light, On, More, Please, Done, Peep-eye (for peekaboo), Bird, Bear, Kitty-cat, Dog, Puppy, Banana, Tree, Swing, Baby, Nose, Ball, Yummy, Vacuum, Teeth Makes sounds for the following: Monkey, Elephant, Cow, Cat, Dog, Bear (he sneezes, like in Bear Snores On), Train, Car, Fire truck, owl “Sings” along: the lullaby “Bye-o Baby,” “Old MacDonald” (just e-i-e-o) Phrases, completely unprompted: “Light on?” and “No more”

Smile: sometime before 3 weeks

Laugh: around 5 weeks

Roll from belly to back: 2/26/14 (2.5 months)

Roll from back to belly: 4/20/14 (Easter sunday, 4 months)

Pulled to standing: 7/6/14 (6 months 3 weeks)

First belly off the carpet crawl (after weeks of scooting):  7/7/14 (6 months 3 weeks)

First wave: 7/29/14 (7.5 months)

Clapping:  40 weeks

First steps (but too tentative to take more than 2 or 3 at a time): 9/30/14 (9.5 months)

Walked across a room: 11/29/14 (11.5 months)


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