Eco-Loco: An Update

So here’s an update and some more unsolicited recommendations.

First, we’re still doing family cloth, the bidet, cloth in lieu of paper towels, no tissues, etc. And it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.

One thing I’ve learned, and that I would like to share, is that you don’t have to go all-in or change everything at once. We need to acquire some more fleece for family cloth, and have been using toilet paper to supplement our supply while it’s being laundered.  I hope to purchase more fleece soon so as to totally phase out our toilet paper. (I only spent 27 cents on our current supply, so I think investing a few more dollars will be okay). Likely because of my OCD, my first reaction is to feel like this means we’ve failed in someway. I am making an effort to remind myself that to use 3/4 family cloth, 1/4 toilet paper is still helping.

I think it is an important lesson. If you read my previous post and thought you don’t want to commit to going entirely without disposable paper products, don’t. Instead, buy a pack of cloth napkins and use paper once you’ve used them and they’re being laundered. Or use cloth instead of paper towels until they’re dirty and being laundered. It still makes a difference.

Second, I recently purchased a moon cup and that too has been a wonderful experience. There are a lot of perks: it lasts decades and so is much more efficient financially. I feel liberated not having to take a ton of supplies with me everywhere I go. They hold more than paper alternatives and so have to be dealt with less frequently.  There are no harsh chemicals.  I highly recommend!

Third, I recently discovered the miraculous power of rose water. It has replaced my face wash, mouth wash, and is in the process of curing an infection in my eye. It is good for anxiety, depression, works as an antiseptic, and will be replacing tea tree oil as the acting element in Edmond’s wipes (who knew tea tree oil was poisonous? and a skin irritant?). It is also yummy.


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