Edmond at 15 months.


Edmond is 15 months old today! And goodness, he has become such a kid in the last few weeks.

Edmond loves cars, makes car and truck noises constantly, almost to a bizarre extent. He also loves animals, animal noises, going down to visit the chickens, and reading books. He has a great appetite, sleeps like a champ, and loves “moon” (what he calls nursing, who knows why!).

Edmond talks constantly and at last count says somewhere around 100 words that Jonathan and I can understand. Weirdest word: ‘goggle.’ Why on earth did he commit that one to memory already? Cutest word: probably ‘peeze’ for ‘please’ which he chants when ever he wants something. Or ‘tickle.’ He requests to be tickled a dozen times a day. I also love when he says ‘Otey’ or ‘Ahture’ (Arthur), the names of the two bears he sleeps with.

Edmond is a mama’s boy for sure but loves both his parents so much and frequently talks about other family members out of the blue. He loves his family. He also loves Minette, his ‘kitty-ca,’ and loves to chase after her chanting ‘tickle.’

Favorite recent memory: while doing a yoga video this week, Edmond went crazy, running, rolling, dancing, all around me. He thinks yoga is so funny. He licked my toe while I was doing downward facing dog. Funny little boy.

Jonathan and I both feel so grateful to have such a darling boy in our lives, and we love him more than we can say. Happy 15 months, kiddo!

Also, being still enough for pictures is a thing of the past.

More photos from lately:












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