These days.

I’m having a ball. Scrapping and yelling and mixing it up. Loving every minute with this damn crew. – Royal Tenenbaum

It feels like there is never a spare minute these days! We are truly firing on all cylinders in the Moody family, and while we’re utterly exhausted, we’re happy too.


Jonathan signed his contract for next year, and will be heading up a brand new Spanish program at Cameron College Prep, teaching grades 5-8, native and non-native speakers. It is a huge undertaking, but he is so dern smart and capable that I’m certain he’s up to the task. His school year is rapidly winding down, though this week is ridiculous, because standardized tests = eek.

I officially told Harpeth Hall I won’t be returning to teach French there next year. It was a hard decision, but one I feel really good about. I’m increasingly convinced that rhythm is very important both for young children and their parents, and our life due to my oh-so-strange part-time schedule was feeling very rhythmless. Also, we have so much else going on that we’ll all benefit from me having one less thing on my plate.

We will soon be building a tiny house in the back yard to rent out on airbnb. Our to-do list for this project is immense and never-ending and it seems like whenever we get one box checked off we realize three more things we have to add, but we feel so passionate about the endeavor and the process that it feels well worth-it. The shell of our house will be arriving in two weeks, and then we’ll be spending several months this summer finishing the house. It will be beautiful, and we’re excited.

I am writing, a lot. I think without having my job at Harpeth Hall as a sort of legitimization for how I spend my time intellectually, I will feel compelled to really assert myself as a writer. It is such a scary leap but it’s been a long time coming. I’ve become a ruthless self-editor, scrapping whole pages if they strike me as the slightest bit off, and I can tell a huge improvement already. Today, I entered my first short story contest as a part of this new enterprise. Fingers crossed and such.

Dear Balladeer is still trucking (even if we’re running a day or two behind schedule), and I am loving the process, the research, the melodies, everything. We’ve decided to make 2015 a year to build our folk repertoire and wait until 2016 to perform it, because, who are we kidding, we have no time.

Which I suppose brings us to Edmond, who is a non-stop bundle of adorable energy from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm. He has the vocabulary of a 2+ year old, the appetite of a teenager, and (come nap times) the curmudgeonly grumpitude of a 80-year-old.  He loves nursing, firetrucks, and his family. He hates broccoli (we’ve really tried!), being told ‘no,’ and diaper changes.

Jonathan and I are head over heels in love with him (and each other), which means that life really couldn’t get any better.

Though I wouldn’t mind a vacation.



Play dates with cousin Willow are our favorite.

what writing generally looks like these days

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