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Growing Arcadia

Cue blog title change!

Same blog, new title because:

a) Jonathan & Rebecca feels insufficient now that we have a baby, and Jonathan & Rebecca & Edmond would be a dumb title.

b) Jonathan & Rebecca has always felt a little off to me since I don’t think Jonathan has ever written a post.

c) I want to keep better track of our lives as we transition more and more into urban homesteaders/airbnb hosts.

Why Growing Arcadia?

a) Why not?

b) In the tradition of many tiny house owners, we’ve decided to name our tiny house the Arcadia Tiny House, in honor of its “Arcadia green” metal roof.


Classically, Arcadia was a natural utopia, a green world unspoiled by modernity. I’ve been rather obsessed with it through out my life, and wrote my senior thesis on incarnations of the green world in Shakespeare.  In actuality, of course, Arcadia is fiction. It’s unattainable, inimitable.

But part of what we’re aspiring to “grow” on our little half acre of Nashville is a home centered on living in harmony with nature and others, and part of documenting our lives is to join those near and far with similar dreams. I feel like the key to happiness rests in hard work, being others-minded, living for love and family rather than wealth or acclaim, and living in community, and through this blog I’ll try to track our progress as we attempt to figure out what this looks like in a troubled, consumer-driven world.

Peace & Love,



Stay tuned this week for photos of tiny house progress! We are working so hard!

Photos of our Arcadia:









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