Life with our 20-month-old

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Edmond is 20 months old today, and I am loving this age. Our son is turning into such a sweet, funny kid, and he breaks my heart with his antics and charm about a hundred times a day.

Favorite moments, recently: after hearing the stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs, Edmond looked up at me and asked for, “Da Three Bootiful Kunks?” (Kunks = Skunks). Earlier today he also asked, “One upon a time three helicopters?”

I also never want to forget moments where he gets Jonathan and I to dance. He will grab both our hands and say “Dance wif Mama? Dance wif Dada?” and then twirl around us while we dance, lately to an old record of Disney tunes. When the song “You can Fly” comes on, though, Edmond runs up to Jonathan and says, “Like an aeroplane?” and Jonathan picks him up, correcting, “Like Peter Pan” and flies him around the room as I melt into a little sappy puddle on the floor.

Edmond is crazy good at memorizing things, and can now say several nursery rhymes from memory. If he’s heard a song, story, or rhyme more than once, he can probably fill in the blanks for any of the words when prompted. It boggles my mind.

One of his favorite things to do is put toys in a row like a train or to stack them on top of each other. He will run delighted from the next room, grab my hand and pull me to admire his handiwork, saying, “You did it! Stuckumtogether!” or “Up on top!” Sometimes, he will congratulate himself while you look on, saying: “Good job, Edmond!”

Edmond also loves to pretend. His favorite thing is to “swim like a motorboat” or “swim in da river.” If you ask him what he sees at such times, he will respond “fit” and “cawdeds” (fish and crawdads). He also loves to feed his stuffed animals, which is really sweet. Not quite so appreciated is when he feeds Minette while I’m in the other room, and I come in to find cat food all over the floor, but goodness, I love this boy’s caring heart.

He almost always mixes up ‘you’ and ‘me,’ which results in some of my favorite sentences, mostly: “I hold you?” (when asking to be picked up). Lately, this has been accompanied by the request “Like a baby?” which of course breaks my heart.

He also loves to squeal “I tickle you!” and run from me, anticipating being tickled.

I am now four weeks in to being a stay at home mom full-time, and my only complaint is missing Jonathan, who is working non-stop, and the occasional feeling of loneliness during the day. I love being a mom so much, and feel so grateful to be able to soak in each sweet age with my little boy. He is helping me to live slower, calmer, better.


2 thoughts on “Life with our 20-month-old

  1. Though I’ve never met you in person, I always had a soft spot for Jonathan when we studied in Salamanca together, and I’ve loved following your beautiful family through this blog. It makes me happy to see all of you doing so well! Sending the three of you all the best.


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