Tiny House Progress

When we began this project 10 weeks ago, progress felt quick and relatively easy. Our hope was to raise the house in a day and thanks to so many wonderful friends that is essentially what happened, and over the next couple of weeks it felt like so much was happening so quickly.

Once we realized that we’d put the siding on incorrectly, though, it felt like our momentum majorly slowed. And there have been a few setbacks along the way, including the fact that our roof has still not been completely installed (we ordered it over a month ago, and roofers have come out to work on it many days, only for them to realize they don’t have enough of whatever, at which point they make another special order, at which point we’re delayed further). It wouldn’t frustrate me too bad, except that having a completed roof is the final step before we get the framing inspected (and then we’ll be moving on to getting a new permit to finish out the space). Additionally, it is such a small roof that it is kind of mind-boggling that it can’t be finished in a day or two.

Things are finally starting to come together, though, and it is looking like we might be a month or so out from having a completed space.

Last week, we finally found a claw foot tub we loved on craigslist and we were able to get the heavy thing home (thanks to Michael Durham, my brother, dad, and Rosie for watching Edmond), I painted the kitchen cabinet, and Jonathan framed in the bathroom.

Earlier this week the plumbing got roughed in.

Friday or Saturday the roof is supposed to be completed (we’ll see, fingers crossed)

Sometime this weekend we’re going to try to complete tiling the floor

Tuesday the wiring is getting completed (including the installation of the air conditioner – yay!)

Wednesday, Mito, the owner of DIYAssist is coming over to teach us how to frame in windows

Then we’ll be putting in denim insulation (I watched a guy install it in Edmond’s room this week and I am so excited — what a cool product), drywalling, building stairs, painting, putting in the floors, and furnishing. And then some landscaping. Which is still a ton, but it is starting to feel like we’re nearing the home stretch.

And while these last few weeks is the culmination of lots of scheming and dreaming over the years, and while I’ve loved so much of it, now that Jonathan is back to working (60ish hours a week), I’m feeling ready to get back to a more usual schedule, ready to get back to recording, writing, and using free time for something other than hard manual labor.

Anyway, here are a very few photos of what we’ve been up to. It should start looking way more finished soon.  IMG_6427  20150815_160018 20150726_17181920150815_16002820150815_155958



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