Tiny House Laws…


…are just messed up, plain and simple.

Today, I spent several grueling hours at the Codes offices downtown to get approved to finish out this space. What’s nice is – after hearing five or six ‘no’s – it only takes one yes for everything to go your way. So while we regret not dealing with this sooner, we’re grateful we’re approved for a residential building permit (previously we just had a building permit).

This project has been incredibly good for my gumption. Phrases from permit and codes officers like “I don’t think you can do that” and “No” and “It’s too small” were met with, “It’s been built already. How do we make this work?” and “Please check again,” and managing not to pass out from anxiety.

So proud to say we are now the proud owners not only of 2237, but also 2237B.

Now let’s get this done.

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